Make a donation to one of the worthy NGO’S on our who we support page and know in your heart and mind that your helping them make life safer for people affected by explosive remnants of war, and helping someone who’s impoverished, less privileged than yourself and just trying to live a normal life and support their family.

Support Remnants of War the movie by raising awareness, word of mouth is a truly amazing thing and a really important element to this campaign's success!  Share, Share, Share!!!!!!!!! Visit our face book page, share it on face book, blog about it, message everyone, contact your favourite podcast, post it on twitter, show your friends, show your parents, show your neighbour, just share it please! and be proud of your support, tell others of your good work, because just like this project’s genesis “One person can make a difference to the lives of many”
As the support work the Remnants of War team is conducting is ongoing, we are always open to new ideas of how to raise awareness/funds and equipment for these worthy NGO’S, so please don't hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what's on your mind or what your thoughts are! We're always responsive and open minded to new ideas.

Thank you for your support!