Our Team


Tony Langer (Executive Producer/Technical Advisor)
Tony is a serving Detective Sergeant with the Western Australian Police. He worked as a Police Bomb technician in regional Western Australia and has been supporting Humanitarian Mine Action in South East Asia since 2008. During that time he has raised more than $500,000.00 worth of equipment for non-government de-mining organisations and orphanages. It was Tony's vision to make Remnants of War the Movie, to raise awareness of the ongoing landmine/unexploded ordinance issues in South East Asia and to also encase the altruistic work conducted by these worthy NGO'S. Tony voluntarily conducts these activities in his own time at his own personal cost and his support continues for various projects in South East Asia. He is the recipient of the Royal Order of Sahametrei (Knighthood) for distinguished humanitarian services to the King and People of Cambodia. Watch Tony discuss explosive remnants of war issues in South East Asia and how he became involved at -: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cvq8_aqetw

Tom Spark (Director)

Tom is motion picture director with varied experience across production and post. Throughout his childhood Tom was a keen drawer/painter and model maker, so composition, colour, shape and form is something he has been manipulating for as long as he can remember. He entered the entertainment industry via still photography. His passion for movies and love for stories meant moving into TV and film production was a natural progression. He loves cameras and sometimes shoots projects he is directing, sometimes he collaborates with a DP, and sometimes he shoots for other directors. Tom often edits his own projects, but also embraces collaboration when the project calls for it. Tom has hands on skills and experience with a vast amount of post production software. Tom is currently the Director, Cinematographer, Editor at Earthlight, but has previously worked as a Director at Flying Fish; Director/DP at Fish N Clips; Director at Disney Channel; Director/DP at Maxi Film; Director/DP at Mad Angel; Camera Operator at Pepsi Live; On set visual FX cameras at The Matrix 2 & 3.

Hayley MacKay (Producer)

Hayley Mackay is the producer of Remnants of War. She has extensive film and television experience working across a number of genres. She started out at Channel Ten in Sydney working for Sports Tonight and Ten News. From their Hayley worked on other sport productions including World Football News and Thursday Night Live. Hayley was also given the opportunity to travel to India to be apart of the coverage of the Commonwealth Games. She has been a reporter for the NRL and produced numerous documentaries. More recently she has been travelling the world producing a travel series. When she is back in Australia, Hayley is busy shooting feature films and producing a weekly sports show for SBS.


Our Vision

To raise awareness for Humanitarian Mine Action and Support Projects in South East Asia”